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You must consider your SEO if you want people to find your company online.
We use a number of techniques that targets the right keyword phrases and follows strict optimisation guidelines to bring your webpage to the first page of Google or any other search engine within a short time frame.


Website Optimisation

Why do you need SEO?

Our SEO services raise the amount of traffic on your website and generate revenue for your business.

SEO – The website optimisation process that enhances the online presence of your website, which results in increased traffic and the potential to convert visitors into buyers. In addition to generating leads and sales, this may aid in increasing brand recognition and trust.

The term “SEO” refers to the difference between showing up at the top of page one vs the bottom of the tenth page. Almost, nobody even glances at the second page. This website optimisation process can make all the difference when it comes to being found via organic, inbound search traffic. We perform both White-hat, On-Page and Off-Page SEO to improve the visibility of our website.

Cool Websites NZ is one of the best digital marketing companies in Southland. With the help of our online marketing services, you may target the most popular search terms related to your business. It assists in generating a large number of prospects who may turn into brand-new clients for you.

In conclusion, Search Engine Optimisation might prove exceptionally helpful for your company and is unquestionably worthwhile.

Still unsure of where to start? No worries! Get in touch with our knowledgeable and innovative staff, who will also help your brand receive recognition and credibility.

Want more traffic on your website?

It never matters how good is your business, how optimized your website is or how much your customers love you, if you aren’t a big company like Adidas or Spark or Sketchers, you’re likely going to struggle to be visible on top of search engine results page (SERP). Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an option made for you if you’re trying to rank for highly competitive searches where customers are looking for specific products.

On the other hand, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another marketing tool that utilizes social media sites to bring traffic to your website. This can be used as a paid or unpaid advertisement tool to increase your brand awareness.

White-hat SEO

White-hat SEO is used to describe tactics that adhere to the guidelines and requirements set out by search engines and the audience. This technique is the only option for businesses who really want to rank on Google search results long-term.

Businesses who are looking for fast results that are prepared to cut corners are likely to see short-term results followed by massive drops in position due to Google algorithm changes and updates. White-hat website marketing technique includes following optmisation strategies –

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

What do we actually do?


Digital Marketing Account Manager

Our digital marketing account manager will look after your advertising campaign and will assist you throughout the term in achieving your marketing goals.

Keyword Research

Our skilled digital marketing team will perform market research, competitive and data analysis, and gather business prospects. Then after, we will compile a keyword list for your content.

Website Optimisation

To improve your website, our talented marketing team will get you special access to the online marketing information. We will optimise your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and boost traffic, and generate revenue.

Strategy Implementation

Our team will incorporate any relevant information it has learned about your business, your competitors, your intended customer base, and web optimisation methodologies to provide a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Campaign Tracking

While working with us, we allow our clients to monitor the advancement of their marketing campaigns. Your account manager will stay in touch with you to talk about any fresh developments, profitable marketing techniques, and market trends.

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