Solutions to the problems with businesses having no websites

Website pricing

A couple of 1000 bucks. The prices have gone down and the value of the website has gone up. The website pricing starts at only $670. This amount can be easily covered by a few online sales.

Unable to find customers

Without a website, most of the small businesses are losing customers. (Losing a wider audience = losing revenue) Website and Social media advertisements have been great. The amount we spend and what you get out of it, it’s drastically better than a billboard that’s limited to one town, one road and people driving on that road.

Poor accessibility

With a site, the customers can access information about your services sans hassles. They can have a thorough idea about your products, services, pricing, location, mission & vision and so on.  A successful business without a good site is next to impossible. This problem leads to poor customer relationship also and losing their trust.

Extravagant expenses for the offline advertisements

Missing an advantage of free advertisement 24/7

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