Solutions to the problems with businesses having websites

Old / Outdated design

Solution: Cool Websites NZ team can offer you websites with responsive design for giving the optimum experience for viewing your website no matter which device you’re using. The non-responsive website leaves a poor user experience and lowers conversion rate on mobile or tablets.

Unattractive website layout

Solution: If your online store seems unappealing to customers, they’re likely to leave without making a purchase. Our experienced designers can design clean and compact webpages. We can create your online store layout appropriate to the types of the products you’re selling to the target audience.

Unable to manage your website yourself

Solution: Cool Websites NZ can offer you a fully customized website as per your requirements. (Website owner won’t need to pay for the time spent by the web administrator for any website updates). I-CUE can create a special type of software to manage your personal or information on the website.

Unable to track the visitor’s actions on your website (No analytics / stats)

Solution: Cool Websites NZ can offer you with Google analytics for your website to keep an eye on your website visitor’s activities. You can track the number of visitors per day, or on a weekly or monthly basis on a particular page.

Long Loading Time / Slow Page Loads

(Stats: 50% of visitors expect pages to load in 2 seconds.  More than 90% of users leave after 3-4 seconds. 79% of visitors facing problems with the website’s speed will not return; 64% of visitors will buy from another online store.)

Solution:  Cool Websites NZ team use premium themes from the authenticated designers for developing websites.
Cool Websites NZ offers the quality hosting services, SSL certificate along with website optimization services to increase the loading time of the website. We optimize the size of images, coding files to load the websites faster.

Complicated Site Navigation

Solution: Cool Websites NZ team believe in designing an easy to navigate website for rich user experience.

Hard to find the core information

Solution:  Whether you run an online shop or blog, you need search. People may come looking for a particular product or for an article they remember reading a while back, and chances are they’ll want to find it with a quick search.

Buggy websites

Solution:  Some websites ends up to an error or crash after loading. These errors make your website suffer performance issues.

Difficult registration and checkout in E commerce website

Solution:  The long registration forms can be annoying for the new users. We keep the registration forms short by requesting email, password and username. We use the easy three steps checkout process – Shipping/Billing, Payment and Review Order.

Website security

Solution: 17% of customers do not complete a purchase if they’re concerned about security. Cool Websites NZ team can include the trusted SSL certificates and badges close to the transaction form.

Unable to find your website on google search

Solution: Non-optimised and Google penalised websites never appear on Google search engine. Cool Websites NZ team can help you in optimizing your website code and images to decrease the loading time and increase the website performance.

Unreliable Support or commitment from your current web design/web maintenance team.

Cool Websites NZ team is always ready to assist its customers

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