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Let us take care of your website so your customer may get the optimal website experience and you can concentrate on your other business activities.

At Cool Websites NZ, we regularly review it for any relevant concerns and keep it updated in order to guarantee that the website can provide the best user experience and support ongoing traffic growth.

This keeps the website current, and in good condition, and improves its SEO and Google rankings. As a result, it helps to maintain the website’s health at the best level in order to retain users.

Website Maintenance is a warrant of fitness of your website.

Importance of website maintenance for your business

Maintaining your website regularly is essential to achieving your larger business goals. There is always space for improvement, regardless of how recently your website was created or completely redone. By neglecting routine site maintenance, you risk losing clients or potential clients as well as damaging your company’s brand owing to hidden bugs/issues in the website.

There are four reasons your company should prioritize routine website checkups:

Brand Growth

Your company's online presence plays a crucial role in the overall perception of your brand. A well-running, user-friendly website improves your brand reputation as a prospect's first impression of your company, whereas one that isn't well-maintained and has outdated information, broken links, and content that doesn't follow your brand compliance guidelines will probably cause them to leave and go to your competitor's websites instead.

Website Optimisation

Every company aspires to rank highly on Google. Fortunately, websites that are regularly updated have a distinct advantage over others in search engine results. Your page rankings may suffer as a result of issues with broken links, bad navigation, or poorly constructed content. Your site will avoid being penalized by the search engines if you swiftly identify and remove SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) blockages.

Eliminate Security Flaws

A website that is routinely updated and maintained is more secure. Regular maintenance of your site helps a lot in preventing unwanted attacks on your website that take advantage of security flaws like outdated scripts, exposed plugins, or a lack of CMS security patches and updates. By regularly checking your website for security flaws, you can keep your company from being a hacker target and from getting negative publicity.

Overcome Conversion Challenges

A positive user experience on your website can convert visitors and result in profitable conversions or sales in addition to helping you keep consumers. A single malfunctioning contact form or a disconnected phone number published on a vital web page could be costing you business. Both are little and simple to overlook. Your website will always satisfy visitor expectations if you perform routine maintenance.

Website Maintenance Checklist

The following are some crucial factors to constantly monitor for the best possible user experience.

A hacker’s best friend is outdated security updates and software. You must always run the most recent version of your CMS in order to maintain a secure website. By doing this, you may avoid your website turning into a prime target for cyberattacks.

Finding a broken link is one of the most substantial setbacks to a good customer experience, especially on a home page. Broken links can not only disrupt the user experience but also negatively impact your SEO rankings, so it’s critical to find them as quickly as you can. We make use of our robust SEO tools to identify dead ends on your website and fix them before users notice.

Make sure your checkout procedure and all of your web forms are functioning properly at least once every three months.

Your website appears unreliable when you link to risky domains, which harms the reputation of your company. Track and remove dangerous domains from your website whenever you can to protect the safety of both your visitors and yourself. By taking this measure, you protect your site visitors against malware, phishing, and other undesirable software.

Grammar and spelling mistakes on the website leaves a poor impression on your company/business. Your website and your brand brand identity will always appear professional and genuine if you find and fix spelling/grammar errors.

If something goes wrong with your website, having a backup can prevent you from losing plenty of time and money. Check your automatic backup feature’s functionality once a month if you have one. Make a manual backup at least once each month if you don’t have automatic backups.

Check the performance of your website at least once each week using tools like Google Analytics. Make sure your website is assisting you in achieving your goals by reviewing your key performance indicators (KPIs). The next time you analyze your main metrics, see if your site’s performance has improved as a result of any modifications you made.

Eliminate deadlinks on your website completely for the best user experience by either fixing or redirecting them.

Eliminate deadlinks on your website completely for the best user experience by either fixing or redirecting them.

Maintain the storage limits for any active email accounts and back up at regular intervals on client’s device.

Website Maintenance Cost

Avoid any unforeseen charges later on by putting website maintenance in your budget upfront.

Website Maintenance cost include the basic ongoing website running costs such as domain registration fee, website hosting fee and SSL license fee. Some additional maintenance expenses may include SEO, up-to-date plugins/software to enhance the functionality of website and boost traffic. There are often minimal monthly fees for maintaining a personal or small company website. On the other hand, the maintenance fees of corporate or e-commerce websites can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars on the monthly basis.

We have created a list of significant website maintenance costs to assist you in creating a budget.

Website Maintenance Plans

Choose one of our website maintenance packages to upkeep your website

Basic Maintenance Plan

Suitable for small business or personal websites

$ 60 + GST Monthly
  • Wordpress website core updates
  • Theme & Plug-in updates
  • Database Optimisation
  • Malware removal
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Monthly Backups, If critical (weekly)
  • Free Tech Support (Weekdays 8am-5pm)
  • Malware removal

Advanced Maintenance Plan

Suitable for medium-scale business websites

$ 95 + GST Monthly
  • Everything in Basic Maintenance Plan
  • 30 minutes per month of design/development time
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Website Security (2FA Authentication)
  • Fortnightly/Monthly Backups. If critical (weekly)
  • Premium Caching
  • Cloudflare CDN (Optional)
  • Priority Support

Professional Maintenance Plan

Suitable for anyone looking for a super special care

$ 180 + GST Monthly
  • Everything in Advanced Maintenance Plan
  • One hour/month of design/development time
  • Image optimisation
  • * Server Side Caching
  • Premium Cloudflare (Optional)
  • Databse Optimisation
  • Spam, Revisions, Malware Cleanup at regular intervals
  • Premium plugins from no cost to special rates

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